Fact number four behind India winning World Cup 2011.

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What is the fourth fact proving India was to win the World Cup 2011?

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    ICC suffered a big loss in the world cup 2007. The 2007 World Cup was to be televised or broadcasted in over 200 countries. It aimed to cover viewing audience estimated at more than two billion television viewers and was expected to generate more than 100,000 unique visitors to the West Indies who traveled solely for the tournament. This is very much understandable infact a universal truth that a big number of viewers who belong to the category of real cricket lovers are mostly from Pakistan and India. Unfortunately, with both the big cricketing titans suffering an early exit out of the world cup 2007, the turnover of the audience got affected rather badly. Besides, the tournament was totally dominated by Australia and only Pakistan and India were the two teams who were expected to give Kangaroos a good fight. When both of these two so called arch rivals were knocked out, the world cup proved to be a rather easy win for Australia. On the other hand the cricket in both the countries feared to be losing popularity which was the biggest threat for the ICC. Both Pakistan and India featured some real good cricketers who are not only popular in India but gain equal popularity in other countries as well. The Pakistani and Indians expected to see their heroes playing in the Caribbean, perhaps till the very end of the tournament. However, they were greatly disappointed to see the backs of their teams when they were knocked out.

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