Fact number three behind India winning World Cup 2011.

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What is the third fact behind India clinching World Cup 2011?

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    Most of the viewers watching cricket across the globe are Indians and Pakistani. Besides, the World Cup 2007 was also criticized for its format a great deal, considering that India and Pakistan, both failing to qualify from the group stage to the Super Eight round after losing two of their group matches. This paved the way for Ireland and Bangladesh to enter the long Super Eights stage and consistently being defeated, yet somehow creating another upset by beating mighty South Africa later in the super eight matches. The elimination of India and Pakistan also caused a huge lack of interest of sub-continental fans from the Caribbean, and removed any possible chances of an India against Pakistan Super Eights match, which is generally considered one of the most revenue generating and electric matches in the tournament. The BCCI later decided to take the matter to the ICC so as to make them alter its World Cup format for the 2011 Cricket World Cup which was to be played in the sub-continent. This was one of the reason for having the quarter-final round instead for the super-six or super-eight round in the world cup 2011. Besides, the number of teams participating was also reduced to 14 instead of 16 teams and promised to be reduced to only 10 in the world cup 2015.

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