Fact number two behind India winning World Cup 2011.

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What is the second fact behind India moving on to win the World Cup 2011?

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    The World Cup 2007 ended up with Australia winning the title for the third time in a row since their first triumph in 1999. This made the big event rather boring as it seemed to be an Australian dominated and a one sided tournament. Australia proving to be way too much strong in the 2007 World Cup that it seemed perhaps they are continuing from where they stopped in World Cup 2003. There winning run from the last two world cups was continued in this world cup as well. With the like of some big players like Glenn Mcgrath, Adam Gilchrist and Matthew Hayden there was no team that could have given the Aussies even a bit of a challenge. Scoring with an average of six runs per over batting first, Australia went on to post mammoth totals on the score board leaving the other teams giving up the chase quite early. Whenever there would be a match with Australia playing, it always seemed to be a one-sided encounter as Australia used to win with big comfort and ease without getting any threat from the opposition whatsoever. There were some resilience shown by South Africa in the group match and a bit by Sri Lanka in the final of the world cup 2007, yet it was never enough to challenge the might of Australians. Their former captain Steve Waugh once called this an alarming situation for the world of cricket. Steve was of the view that the level at which the Australians were plying cricket, there was no one able to match them. Consequently, this may result in the viewers losing interest in watching cricket.

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