Facts behind India winning world cup 2011.

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The are many so as to prove that India winning the ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 a total drama.

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  1. Guest7778
    The World Cup 2011 finally comes to an end with India emerging out as World Champions after beating Sri Lanka in the final. Despite the fact that Indians were playing on their home ground, they never proved to be exceptionally strong and never won a match out of a real tough fight which we usually say a close encounter, in almost all the matches they played in the world cup 2011. If there were any such encounters they always seemed to be favouring India than the other team. The Indians were projected as favorites right from the very beginning and ended up as winners of the competition, provided that they did not have a remarkably good performance in their matches prior to the world cup 2011. Besides, with some of their players not fully fit to play and they still managed to win the world cup title is something which gives rise to so many questions going through the mind. The answers to those questions may lead to certain facts which are very likely to be depicting a map for Indian victory in the World Cup 2011. Anyone who has some common sense will easily realize that the world cup 2011 was actually made for India to win as there was no chance of an extra-ordinary good show by Indians on other venues.

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