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My brother is an internee journalist, his task is to write and gather updated information of the current happenings. He is wondering about details Faculty & Research of SMU Singapore

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    SMU's research vision is be an internationally recognised leader in high quality research that results in knowledge creation, dissemination, and application in ways that are relevant and responsive to the changing needs of individuals, organisations, and societies. Specifically, SMU aspires to be the leading university in Asia for high quality research, with a particular emphasis on providing evidence-based solutions derived from insights that cross disciplines, address Asian issues of global relevance, and bridge theory and practice. To achieve this, SMU's cadre of faculty members is selectively recruited from around the world to advance knowledge in teaching and research, forming an experienced and committed pool of talent. To bring in the wealth of knowledge from the industry, SMU also calls upon successful leaders in business and their professions for their specific expertise to combine academic vigour with hands-on business savvy. 16 research institutes and centres in SMU serve as key interfaces and link knowledge creation, dissemination, and application within the University and beyond.

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