Fall hair color trends 2011-2012

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I am a girl of 18 years old school girl; I need to know the latest hair color trends 2011-2012. Is there anyone who can help me regarding my query with complete and comprehensive details? Thank you in advance.

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  1. Jennifer

     "Latest trends of hair color that are in fashion these days are in the range of light to dark, so here you can find the right hair-color choice for you according to your personality.

    2011-2012 the hottest hair colors seen these days on celebrities and fashion models are rich dark browns, caramel highlights, platinum natural blondes and fire engine reds, you can follow these color scheme and enjoy the latest trend of fashion.

    Popular Hair colors by Brand

    The best hair color brands which are in fashion currently are: Loreal, Redkin, Aveda, Clairol, Wella, Matrix, Goldwell.

    The top celebrity hair for lighter shades of brown or golden tones, as well as the celebrity ombre hair color trend that is popular and makes growing out a color easy."

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