Family Looking to adopt a newborn thru private Direct Placement adoption

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We are looking to add to our loving family another child. we have completed one adoption 6 years ago with our son that we recieved at birth. I cannot have children do to emergency hysterectomy from a ruptured fibroid. I am 29 and Married for 11 years with my husband.Everyday goes by and my body tells me I want to be pregnant even though I cannot. If you are pregnant and are planning a adoption Please contact me . I can only adopt from Alberta this way as international adoptions are way too much for us. If you are willing to pay for the adoption yourself then we could consider it for international adoptions. Please help us with the gift of a new baby to join our family as it would be such a blessing and a miracle. Thank you kindly. Contact info or 403-823-9860 is my phone number here in DRUMHELLER ALBERTA CANADA

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  1. Guest4819

    Hi, My Name Is Wendy And Age 23 years. I'm a nursing mother and single parent to the baby boy . I am disabled (crippled-ca​r accident) and Due to my inability condition , i myself incapable of holding on to the responsibilitie​s of raising up this child base on my financial stand , back-grown and my present condition . I'm here to get my baby boy a tenderly loving home and parents that will dedicate all his love , time and patience in raising this baby boy in a very loving environments​ . My baby boy is in good health , have good weights, playful and all medical reports are good. I'm healthy except of my disable condition , not a smoker nor an alcoholic . I love my baby boy very much , my placing him up for adoption is just get a family and home that i know will forever love and care for him  better than i can do . Please , i will be more than just being happy to bless your with my baby boy provided you are the type of family i want for him . Please contact me via . ­ Thanks

  2. Guest366

    We too would like to add to our family through a private direct placement. We were gifted with an incredible 3 year old boy when he was two days old.  His birthmom visits us once or twice a year and we have a good relationship with her. Please contact us of you would like to talk about a placement ( We have been married 15 years this November and love the Lord. We welcome an opportunity to share our home with an infant who needs us.


    J. Olson 

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