Famous Eco Tourism in Australia

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I would like to know the best environmental friendly tourist destinations in Australia. Can anyone help?

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  1. Guest9681
    Australia is fast becoming one of the world’s top Eco Tourism destinations. With its ancient rainforests, rich cultural history and spectacular national parks and ranges, it is the perfect country to visit if you are interested in environmental tourism. Eco Tourism is tourism that is ecologically sustainable with the main focus on experiencing natural areas that promote environmental conservation, awareness and cultural understanding.
    Australia has no shortage of operators that explore the pristine waterways, national parks, mountain ranges and rainforests. For Eco Tourism in Australia head out to the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park and scuba dive with Adrenalin Dive Townsville. In Western Australia, Wilderness Getaways offer Eco 4WD tours of The Stirling Ranges and Cape Howe National Park, and Dolphin Wild Cruises offer great marine watching tours.

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