Famous Panda Tours in South Australian Zoo.

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Which South Australian Zoo is popular for the exhibition of Giant Pandas in Australia and how much does the tours for Panda encounters cost?

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    Visitors on the Panda Insights and Inspirations Tour in South Australia have prime access and viewing of the Giant Panda and Red Panda exhibits on a guided tour with an Adelaide Zoo host, before the Zoo opens for the day. Be the first visitor in Australia to see the Giant Pandas being released into their day exhibits before joining a zoo keeper for an exclusive 40-minute personalized tour of the zoo.
    The South Australian Panda Insights and Inspirations Tour costs $130pp while the Giant Panda Close encounter costs $495pp.  On the exclusive Giant Panda Close Encounter - where numbers are strictly limited to a maximum of six - you are in for an even more memorable experience, helping the Giant Panda Keeper to prepare breakfast for the pandas as well as placing bamboo and daily treats for Wang Wang and Funi in their enclosure areas.

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