Farewell to the Black Pearls

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Farewell to the Black Pearls

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    The Senate Health Committee today approved a bill that prohibits establishments (such as bars and clubs) sell alcoholic drinks mixed with drinks spiked with caffeine.

    The most popular combination is called the Black Pearl, and consists of a shot of JÃ_germeister combined with Boost or Red Bull.

    The Mexican Social Security Institute had warned in 2009 that the consumption of energy drinks (especially mixed with alcohol) could cause arrhythmias, deshidrataciÃ_ne even cardiac arrest.

    Mexico 's ambassador in Austria, Alfred LONGLE, requested that a study be conducted before legal action that could affect relations with this country is the leading producer and exporter were taken drink. Even warned that to take such a decision would violate the existing trade agreement between Mexico and the European Union.

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