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Is there any way for finding Twitter friends on Facebook? I’ve been using Twitter for more than 2 years but was not active on Facebook. Now I want all my Twitter friends on Facebook. Any idea, how do I do it?

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  1. James Harley

    Best way to find twitter friends on facebook is by Using a new facebook app called the Friendlynx,FriendLynx searches for each of your Facebook friends on Twitter and helps you follow them.FriendLynx does'nt have access to your friends email addresses on Twitter so Friendlynx need's to search using to find the link between their names and their Twitter profiles.

    This process can be imprecise's you will need to compare their Facebook and Twitter profiles before you can be sure if they match.

    You will need to log-in on Facebook and Twitter. FriendLynx does not store any data related to your usernames and only shows messages performed voluntarily by you with action buttons.

    FriendLynx stores the link between your Facebook and Twitter accounts, so that future users of FriendLynx can find you more easily and precisely. The use of FriendLynx implies that you accept this condition.

    Friendlynx app has the option to connect with Facebook as well as to sign in using Twitter


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