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My children were both allergic to milk. It showed up before they were 6 months old. They had stomach cramps and gas. Anyone can help me with the Treatment List for Food Allergy milk.

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    The list of treatments mentioned in various sources for Food Allergy -- milk includes the following list. Always seek professional medical advice about any treatment or change in treatment plans.
    Avoid foods containing the allergen, adrenaline injection if anaphylactic reaction occurs, antihistamines, bronchodilators for asthmatic symptoms
    The central concept of management of food allergy is allergen avoidance. When this is not possible or inadvertent allergen exposure occurs, treatment depends on the nature and severity of the reaction. Treatments include:
    Dietary modification and allergen avoidance - with education of children, parents and carers.
    No treatment - if symptoms are mild and self-limiting
    Antihistamines - Useful for allergic rhinitis and some allergy mediated skin conditions. Not helpful in asthma except for mild seasonal asthma where allergy may be a precipitant.
    Nasal sprays - including topical steroids and antihistamines used for allergic rhinitis
    Eyedrops - ketorolac, levocabastine, ketotifen, olapatadine, for allergic conjunctivitis
    Asthma medications such as inhaled beta agonists and inhaled corticosteroids - used to treat asthma which may have allergy as a contributing factor.
    Oral steroids - used in short courses for moderate allergic reactions especially with asthma symptoms or skin conditions
    Desensitisation - evidence is mixed, and efficacy dependant or the type of allergy and specific type of reaction
    EpiPen - adrenaline delivery device used as first line treatment prior to hospital care for those who have proven anaphylaxis as a result of specific food allergies
    Anaphylaxis is a severe life threatening allergic response. Treatment includes:
    IM adrenaline
    High flow oxygen
    Intravenous fluids
    Intravenous and oral steroids
    Nebulised bronchodilators
    Nebulised adrenaline for upper airways obstruction

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