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I saw myself in the mirror this morning and I was shocked to see how much weight I have put on, I have been working out for a month but I just cant see any change, suggest me what should I do to get the maximum out of my workout.

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  1. James Harley

     One of the simplest way to see a change in yourslef while you workout is by increasing your workout procedure, like weighing more weights and running longer and faster, following is a program that should be followed to make your workouts more intense.

    1. Exercise for a longer period of time.

    2. Lift more weight.

    3. Speed up your exercise

    4. Go further more while running or jogging, increase your distance.

    5. Change your grip while working out, helps in enhancing the level's of isolation of your muscles.

    6. Change your feets position while working out it also enhances muscles isolation.

    7. Add a variety to your workout.

    8. Increase the vertical incline of your workouts.

    9. Perform more weight elevation, concentrate more on reps on lifting the weight rather than dropping them.

    10. Avoid leaning or resting while workout.

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