Flat screen TV which is best LCD, Plasma or LED

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Please tell me which one is the best in these, flat screen TV, Plasma, LCD and LED? I am not a technology geek and have less knowledge about new innovative stuff like these. I think you can sort it out for me easily. Help me in this regard. I shall be grateful to you. Answer me as quick as you can.


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  1. Guest950

    Hello Nicole

    I would love to answer your query as I have previously answered you in many cases when you were stuck with some tricky questions. I can give you an outstanding TV guide.

    Let me clear you what is basic difference between these three technologies.

    First of all Plasma TVs use a sheet of miniscule individual plasma cells which are able enough to create a picture when an electrical charge is applied.

    Contrary to this, LCD televisions consist of a liquid crystal which is strictly compressed between two glass plates, hence crates an image is created when electricity is applied to these crystals.

    On the other hand the most modern LED TVs use liquid crystal but unlike regular LCD televisions they use a specific backlight which is specially made of hundreds of LEDs (light-emitting diodes) instead of a fluorescent lamp.

    Now you have seen what the difference between these three types is, I guess it is quite clear what it is all about, but must tell you that you should go for a Plasma TV.



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