Food allergies symptons of dogs

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MY dog is not eating anything for about 2 days, one of my friend told me that he has food allergy. If is it the sympton of food allergy and please tell me the symptons of food allergy in dogs.

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  1. Guest2097
    The most common signs of a dog with a food allergy or intolerance will include the following symptoms, which will usually be seen on a chronic basis:
        * Itchy skin
        * Itchy feet and paws (which usually leads to biting and chewing at the paws)
        * Dry skin
        * Flaky skin
        * Hair loss
        * Skin rashes and hives
        * Recurrent ear infections (in particular, yeast infections)
        * Recurrent skin infections and hot spots
        * Chronic vomiting
        * Chronic diarrhea
        * Frequent bowel movements

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