Food and Dining in Agra India

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I am a new migrant in Agra, India. I want to know some information about Food and dining in Agra India, please help me, thanks.

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     The taste buds get affected, tongue comes out trickling droplets of saliva and stomach pledges for a bite once the aroma of famous food of Agra travels through the thin air into the mouth of the travelers. The scrumptious food of Agra is hard to resist. The food in Agra has the taste of the mughal kings. The mughal kings have had a great admiration for food along with arts and literature. The great connoisseurs of Agra had fondness towards flesh. The meat dishes available all over Agra were once the specialty of royal food.

    The city of Agra contains restaurants, food corners that offer the best Mughlai cuisine in India. The baked meat, bread and chicken are referred as few of the best dishes in the menu. Kababs which are prepared by baking meat in an earthen oven known tandoor is one of the most tasteful things available in Agra. Tandoori Chicken and Tandoori Fish are few other specialties. The recipes watering recipes prepared with milk sauces, curd, and cream and crushed nuts are available in several restaurants of Agra. Dalmoth and Petha are popular sweets of the area.

    Along with these there are several restaurants present in Agra which offer the Mughlai cuisine as well continental and north Indian dishes. Few best restaurants of Agra are Taj Khema (UPSTDC), Dasha Prakesh , Hot Bites Restaurant, Sonam Restaurant & Bar, Avadh Restaurant, Kwality Restaurant, Navratan Restaurant, Mughal Sheraton, Malika Restaurant, Hotel Man Singh, Gazebo Restaurant, Capri Restaurant, Hari Parva, Jharoka-e-Taj, Capri Restaurant, Grand Buffet, Noorjehan Restaurant, Olive Garden Multicuisine Restaurant and Pavilion Cafe.

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