Food in Lombok Island Indonesia

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Indonesia is a best place to visit in vacations; I need to know some details about Food in Lombok Island Indonesia.

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    In the main Tourist area; Senggigi, Gili Islands and Kuta Beach Lombok Indonesia, numbers of Tourist's Restaurant available serving Western food, Indonesian and Chinese food. In Mataram and in some remote area on Lombok, Indonesian food, Padang food and Chinese food are dominating. Rumah Makan (eating place) can be found easily in Mataram, Ampenan and in most Main Street. Sasak Food uses white rice as staple, served with vegetable curries or soup, chicken, beef, fishes, hot chili and no pork. In Bahasa Indonesia, the word Lombok means Chili paper and it used liberally in local cooking. The famous sasak food is:
    Ayam Taliwang, fried or grilled wild young chicken with chilli sauce is originally from Taliwang Sumbawa, but it has become a Lombok specialty.
    Sate Ikan Tanjung, one of the tastiest foods on Lombok, originally coming from a village called Tanjung - Northern Lombok. Pieces of fresh snapper or tuna mixed with coconut milk, lemongrass, garlic, chilli paper, and spices, wrapped onto sate stick and grilled. Try them on your way back from a day tour from waterfall or gili Islands.
    Ares, a dish made from the pith of banana tree stem, with coconut juice, garlic and spices.
    Pelecing Kangkung, very popular on Lombok as a daily dishes to eat together with plain rice. Cooked water convolvulus (kangkung), mixed with a sauce made with chili, fish paste (terasi), tomato salt and lime.

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