For what purposes the banks are eligible from SBP provide Agricultural Credit?

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My uncle is a farmer and belongs to south; he wants to know that for what purposes the banks are eligible from State bank of Pakistan provide Agricultural Credit? Can anyone answer my question?

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  1. Guest5284
    Agricultural credit is provided by banks which are eligible from State bank of Pakistan for complete value chain of activities such as production/crop loans i.e. in-puts (seed, fertilizer, & pesticides etc.), development loans (tractors &tube wells, agricultural machinery / equipments / implements etc.), corporate farming, marketing, cold storage (god owns) on farm & off farm, silos, processing of crops (other than major crops), fruits & vegetables, grading, polishing, packing, transportation and exports of agricultural goods etc. Agricultural credit is also available for nonfarm sector such as poultry, livestock, dairy farming, forestry and fisheries, apiculture, sericulture, floriculture, horticulture, etc. There is no provision of financing for procurement of fruits/crops under the list of eligible items for agricultural credit such lending would be covered under commercial or SME financing.

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