Ford Focus 2012 Exterior designing and special features

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I am writing an article on 2012 Ford Focus. I need to know its exterior designing and special features. Is there anyone who can help me regarding my query?

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     The Focus is an especially stylish vehicle in this historically blimpish class. It has body-colored door handles and side mirrors, with integrated turn signals. Standard wheels range from 15-inch steel rims on the Focus S to 17-inch alloys on the Titanium trim level. There are many optional alloy wheels as well, topping out at 18 inches for the Titanium. A rear spoiler comes on the sedan's optional SE Sport Package. Ford also offers a wide selection of graphics packages that can be applied to either body style at the dealership. Ford Focus has very good responsive handling and communicative steering. Its fuel economy is excellent. It has been one of the most selling cars in the world. Ford Focus Seat-attached side-force airbags have shoulder-level vents that are blocked by taller occupants to increase deployment force; pint size occupants allow more venting and thus find a lesser force consistent with their size. Its affordable price, expressive styling and availability in multiple body styles have all contributed to making this one of Ford's most popular cars worldwide. 2012 Ford Focus model safety features include traction control, antilock brakes, and an electronic stability system. The Focus marks the debut of new airbag technology that Ford says will better protect against chest and rib injuries. Both the shape and a new variable venting feature try to tailor airbag deployment to suit the occupant's position. Ford Focus curtain airbags that cover the side windows for both rows of seats are standard.

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