Ford auto parts dealers in Pakistan.

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I am a brand loyal of Ford cars. Whenever it comes to buying a car for myself I always go for the Ford brand may it be a new car or a used one. In a few months or so, I shall be moving to Pakistan, where I shall be working on a rehabilitation project for the flood affectees. Although I will be given an office car and also driver but I like discovering new places driving all by myself. I would like to know that if I buy a Ford car for myself in Pakistan, are there dealers who deal in Ford auto parts?

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  1. James Harley

    If you are in Pakistan and looking to buy a car for yourself then the first thing you should consider is make sure that the car you are buying has its spare parts available in the market. Not only they are available you should also make sure that they are not very much expensive to buy. Being in Pakistan you will happen to see more of Toyota, Honda, Suzuki, Daihatsu and Daewoo cars and a bit of latest Chevrolets. Somehow, you would rarely see any Ford cars on the roads, the reason being no other than non-availability of spare parts. Although there are some amateurs who own Ford Cars like Ford Capri and Escort but that would be one in hundred car owners. Usually the spare parts of such so called out of market cars are available at scrap shops or imported from other countries.

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