Forgot password of my gmail account.

by Guest8667  |  11 years, 6 month(s) ago

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I forgot password of my gmail account. Does anyone know that how can I retrieve it. Please help me to get my password back!

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  1. Guest3325

    Anyone can forget important information at any time. You are not the only human being to forget. There would be hundreds of people who lost their username and password before you. I too have experienced this in the past, Now I keep detail of  username and password in a small diary .I have placed that book in a fireproof secured locker!

    Anyway, if you've lost your Gmail password, it's not a big deal to get back the access to your account. It depends on you to  remember some other important pieces of information relating your account. Let us start the process of retrieving the login detail.

    Recover Gmail account access

    Gmail provides reliable and helpful services to get your password back when you face these kind problems. Go the password recovery page on your browser. Place your username and click the "Submit" box.

    You will now be shown the image with unstable text and you have to place the characters you see. This is to check your ability to complete this step, the password retrieval details will be sent to your alternate email address given by you. Gmail will not tell you the email address where the instructions were sent but it will let you know about the domain of the email address.

    No alternate email and cannot answer security question

    If you forgot to  enter an alternate email or don't have access to it and you  have also forgotten the security question and answer. This would be a bad luck for you! It is impossible get your account back. So what you need to do?

    You should  forget about the account with the lost password, get another Gmail address. There is the only possible solution.


  2. Guest8339

    i forgot my google mail password... pls help me... my id is

  3. Guest524

    I think  i know,  my lost  password of my gmail account is still recorded in ur  office, becuz, when i try to open again another or i mean i try to create again another gmail account,  then asked to choose the gmail  address i wish, and i put thesame gmail i lost...... so i write and then there is red letters saying ' this is taken already' that means somebody owns it already...... that's  it.....thats the password i am trying to look for,..... please help me.......... pleaseeeeeeeeeee........

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