Free windows logo vector file.

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I am Abidal and I am from Nigeria. I need to print some real big posters of windows 7 logo for my new started computer store and want to some information about window 7. Could you please tell me a place to get free windows logo vector file. Can someone please help me about it? I hope you can.

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    Windows 7 is the newest version of Microsoft Windows, a sequence of functioning schemes made by Microsoft for use on individual computers, encompassing dwelling and enterprise desktops, laptops, netbooks, tablet PCs, and newspapers center PCs. Windows 7 encompasses several new characteristics, for example;

    • Advances in feel and handwriting acknowledgement,

    • Support for virtual hard computer disks,

    • Improved presentation on multi-core processors,

    • Improved boot presentation, DirectAccess,

    • Kernel improvements

    The taskbar has glimpsed the large-scale visual alterations, where the Quick Launch toolbar has been restored with the proficiency to pin submissions to the taskbar. Buttons for pinned submissions are incorporated with the task buttons. Many new pieces have been supplemented to the Control Panel, encompassing Clear Type Text Tuner, Display Color Calibration Wizard, Gadgets, Recovery, Troubleshooting, Workspaces Center, Location and Other Sensors, Credential Manager, Biometric Devices, System Icons, and Display.

    Now you can easily download the windows vector logo files from several websites with the help of internet. Several internet web portals provide you the opportunities to download the vector logo files as well as the software of different kinds. Here are following some links are given, where you can download your desire file of windows vector logos;


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