General warm up exercises for the lower body.

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whenever I go for football, I usually get exhausted real quick and I am usually out of stamina as my body reacts real quick, one of my friends told that you should warm up before playing, can I have an insight on some general warm up exercises.

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  1. James Harley

     warm up exercises are beneficial in maintaining muscle balance, these exercises prevent muscles to be stiff and sore, Warm up and cool down exercises are very much important and they are a must for outdoor activities like hiking, cycling and even sports.

    Warm up exercises are very simple and require absolutely no equipment, the main purpose for pre activity routines and warm ups is to prepare the body for more intense and vigorous movements and exercises.

    Here are some warm up exercises that will help you warm up the lower part of your body.

    Partial Squats: Partial squats are a lower body warm up procedure in which you have to sit down and stand up, this procedure is beneficial for the legs and large muscles in your thighs and buttocks, it takes about a minute for this warm up.

    Elbow touches: In this exercise you have to stand tall and touch your elbows with the knees, continue for a minute and keep on changing leg sides and elbows.

    Butt Kicks: this exercise is used to warm up the hamstrings located in the thighs, in this exercise you have to kick your butts by intimating a running style and taking your feet at the back almost about to touch your butt.

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