General warm up exercises for the upper body.

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whenever I play squash, I usually get exhausted real quick and I am usually out of stamina as my body reacts real quick, one of my friends told that you should warm up before playing, can I have an insight on some general warm up exercises.

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  1. James Harley

     warm up exercises are beneficial in maintaining muscle balance, these exercises prevent muscles to be stiff and sore, Warm up and cool down exercises are very much important and they are a must for outdoor activities like hiking, cycling and even sports.

    Warm up exercises are very simple and require absolutely no equipment, the main purpose for pre activity routines and warm ups is to prepare the body for more intense and vigorous movements and exercises.

    Following are some upper body warm up exercises you must go through to adjust your body for bigger activities.

    Arm Swings: this is an upper body warm up which takes like a minute and is necessary for rock climber or games in which you have to swing a bat or racquet.

    Windmill Arms: this exercise takes a minute as well in which you have to place hands on a shoulder and then rotate them intimating a duck and do backwards or opposite way.

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