Give me some Ideas for a Sleepover

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Please help me and give me some Ideas for a Sleepover; I need to know it for my 8 years son.

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    For children, a sleepover is a stimulating opening to continue time with friends. As you design a sleepover, address how you can make the night exceptional for your progeny and her friends. With a bit of additional effort, the happening can be certain thing that cements friendships and builds recollections to giggle about for weeks to come.
    Sleeping over at a friend's dwelling is stimulating in and of itself, if your children doze in the dwelling room or in dozing sacks in the bedroom. Make the sleepover even more of a heal by designing a backyard campout. Set up a marquee in the backyard and have the children set up dozing sacks as shortly as they arrive; add an unforeseen feel by joining Christmas lights up interior the marquee and out to an elongation cord. Build a little campfire -- you can make one in a large, superficial pot if you don't desire to sway your lawn -- and have the visitors prepare nourishment s'mores and warm canines over the fire.
    Spa Treatments
    For an inside sleepover for young women, make the night a heal by designing spa treatments. Depending on the ages of the young women, you might design manicures and pedicures, facial masks and base baths. Give each visitor a bathrobe and a two of slippers, and arrange party favor spa loads that encompass fastener documents, little containers of fastener polish, toe separators and one-by-one face mask packs. Light candles to set the view and contain the spa treatments in the bathing room to minimize the mess.
    During a sleepover, have your progeny and her associates make home wares to supply an undertaking and give them certain thing to take dwelling the next day. Buy simple T-shirts and fabric decorate for made-to-order shirt-making, or have children adorn tote sacks, flip flops, slippers, or even pillowcases. You can furthermore purchase bare image borders, jewelry cartons or bulletin boards. The outlook of a creative outlet and a little gift to take dwelling can be an stimulating part of a sleepover for both the owner and her guests.
    Before bedtime, exhaust your progeny and his visitors out with games. During moderately hot months, conceal a assortment of glow-in-the-dark stars or bugs in the back backyard and have visitors run round out-of-doors for a spooky treasure hunt. Indoors, has all but one young man conceal in dozing sacks and have the "it" young man works out who is who by poking or seeking to get a laugh. You can furthermore contain a miniature gifts display, or play board sport and conceal and seek.

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