Governor General of Canada?

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Governor General of Canada?

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    The Governor General of Canada (French [feminine]: Gouverneure générale du Canada, or [masculine]: Gouverneur général du Canada) is the vice-regal representative in Canada of the Queen of Canada, who is the head of state. Canada is one of sixteen Commonwealth realms, all of which share the same person as their respective sovereign. The monarch appoints the Governor General on the advice of the Canadian Prime Minister, who is the Canadian Head of Government, after which the Governor General maintains direct contact with the monarch. There is no specific term. As with other appointments, the incumbent is said to serve at Her Majesty's pleasure, but by convention usually serves for approximately five years. Also by convention, the position before the 1980s was a male only post while since then three of five Governor Generals have been female. It tends to alternate between anglophone and francophone communities.
    The current constitution of the office of Governor General is laid out in letters patent of George VI issued in 1947. By the Constitution Act, 1982, any constitutional amendment that affects the Crown, including the Office of Governor General, requires the unanimous consent of the provincial legislatures as well as the federal parliament. The 1904 Militia Act granted the Governor General permission to use the title of Commander-in-Chief of the Canadian military, in the name of the sovereign.
    Michaëlle Jean, the current Governor General, has served since September 27, 2005; then Liberal Prime Minister Paul Martin recommended her to replace Adrienne Clarkson. Jean's husband, the vice-regal consort, is Jean-Daniel Lafond.

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