Greatest MLB star of modern times?

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We’ve all got an opinion, so share yours. Just who is the greatest baseball player to grace the game....apart from Michael Jordan, of course?

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  1. Victor Strong

     I think that at this moment the best baseball player for the past year and a half has been Miguel Cabrera of the Detroit Tigers. There is no question that he is perhaps the greatest hitter baseball has seen in the past 30 plus years, proven by the fact that he won the triple crown (highest batting average, homeruns and RBI's) in his league last year, an almost unheard of feat. Beyond that proof is the fact that his first half this year has been historic; as in no one has ever done what he is doing in terms of hitting the ball and generating runs. Check out his numbers on FanGraph and be blown away by his awesomeness. My next vote would go to Mike Trout who is going to be a stud and a half.


  2. amomipais82
    If the Astros weren't in the midst of a six-week plummet to the bottom of the NL Central, we'd hand this award to Lance Berkman without blinking. But if we're talking "valuable," we invite you to take a look at that Cardinals lineup sometime and then explain why those opposing pitchers ever throw a pitch over the plate to Albert Pujols. Well, now that we mention it, they don't. Or they're throwing as few strikes as possible, anyway.

    Last year, more than half the pitches thrown Pujols' way were in the strike zone. This year, that figure is down to 42 percent. And he's still on pace to hit .350, with 33 homers and a .610 slugging percentage (not to mention 38 intentional walks). That may look like just another standard old year in the life of Sir Albert. But it's not -- because of what he means to an offense that surrounds him largely with reclamation projects and overachievers.

    Think it's any accident the Cardinals are 7-10 in games he doesn't start, but 45-32 when he does? Think it's a coincidence that when he was on the disabled list last month, Ryan Ludwick hit .188 and the Cardinals scored two runs or fewer five times in 13 games? There are great cases to be made for Chase Utley, Hanley Ramirez and Chipper Jones. But nobody has done more, with less around him, than Pujols.
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