Green dot prepaid credit cards reviews

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My friend has green dot prepaid credit card, she was telling me that this card is very beneficial in lot of aspects. Is there anyone who can give me a good review about this card?

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  1. Jennifer

     "This prepaid business card might be a good alternate to a bank ascertaining account or a secured business card for many people.

    Who the Green Dot Prepaid Card Is For:

    People who desire a Visa or MasterCard without a credit check.

    People who desire to bypass higher cost bank checking accounts.

    People who desire a low cost alternate to a secured credit card

    Credit Rating Required:

    No credit check required

    About the Green Dot Prepaid Card


    • No credit check required.

    • Free direct deposit.

    • $10 bonus on first direct deposit of $250 or more

    • Free online billpay.

    • Many fees can be avoided if you use the card frequently

    • Easy Way to Track Spending

    • FREE ATM Access

    • Safer than Carrying Cash

    • Accepted World Wide


    High fees

    Doesn't build your credit history

    Reload Limit:

    No more than $2,500 on the card at one time.


    Monthly fee: $5.95 waived if you load at least $1,000 or makes at least 30 purchases per month.

    Reload fee at retail location: Up to $4.95

    ATM fee: Free at 15,000 in-network ATMs, $2.50 at out-of-network ATMs,

    $4.95 initial purchase fee."

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