Grizzly bear kills Yellowstone hiker.

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A man has been reported to be killed by a female grizzly bear in Yellowstone national park. The man was hiking in the National Park with his wife and they found bear on their way with small cubs and this entire tragic story developed.

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  1. Guest6419

     Yes there are confirm reports about this development and it is of course a sad news for all. The name of the victim has not yet been told by the authorities of the Yellowstone National Park. They are saying that the name of the victim and also her wife will be soon told on media but first they need to make proper investigation about the happening. Authorities of the Yellowstone National Park told that this fatal incident occurred about mile and half from Wapiti Lake trail, another group of hikers nearby heard the voice of the victim's wife crying out for help and called the rangers of the National park. Mother bear and her cubs might be surprised by the hiker and mother bear trying to defend her cubs wounded the hiker so badly that he lost his life. 

    Bear has not been so far captured as according to the authorities of National Park no instruction have been given to them so they are waiting for measures to follow. Victim has been immediately identified and his hometown location has also been confirmed and his name is still not there by the authorities.Bear are only removed from the ecosystem of the park when bear becomes a permanent threat to the park security for human visitors. But if it is a first time act by any beat then the park authorities relocate that bear to some other place of the park.      

  2. Guest8440

     When will the authorities disclose the name of the victim who has first wounded and then was dead after being attacked by the bear.

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