Guidelines Duty Free Car by Disabled Persons in pakistan

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Guidelines Duty Free Car by Disabled Persons in pakistan.  The following terms and conditions shall apply for import of a brand new car for personal use without payment of custom duties provided the applicant, hereinafter referred as the “disabled person”:-:
vi. is deemed to be otherwise fit to drive a car i.e. he/she is not disabled due to mental retardation/ illness (mental or physical)/old age etc. and that the disability is such that can be overcome, for driving purposes, by fitting special gadgets to the car.
vii. possesses a valid driving license;
viii. has a monthly verifiable personal income between Rs. 20,000 and Rs. 100,000
ix. has not imported a duty free car and/or has not purchased a locally manufactured car at concessional rate of duty/ taxes during the last five years
x. has not been rejected by the board during last two years preceding the date of application
a. Valid driving license means a Driving license issued by an appropriate authority to drive a car/jeep and does not include a learner’s permit.
b. Verifiable income means such income on which income tax has been paid or is so certified by appropriate revenue authorities in case of agricultural income.
xi. Car imported against the authorization shall be for personal use of the disabled person and shall not be used for commercial purposes
xii. Only brand new car not exceeding an engine capacity of 1,350 cc shall be imported under the said scheme
xiii. The car so imported shall bear a special registration number and special color plates mentioning “Disabled Person Car” so provided by the provincial excise & taxation department
xiv. The car shall be driven by the person in whose favor the import authorization is issued unless otherwise specifically allowed by the board
xv. Sale, transfer or alienation in any other manner of the car so imported is not allowed within five years of import except
a. To another disabled person on production of a valid import authorization issued by the Ministry of Commerce on recommendation of the board
b. On payment of custom duty and taxes as were otherwise applicable at the time of import and were exempted.
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c. In case of death of the authorized disabled person, the legal heirs can dispose off the vehicle, within 5 years of import, only in the manner specified above.
xvi. The Board shall not entertain application for import authorization submitted within five years of import of car under this scheme unless the applicant provides sufficient proof that either the car was stolen or is damaged beyond recovery. In the former case copies of First Information Report (FIR) and Investigation Completion Report by concerned police authorities certifying that the stolen car is not traceable shall be the minimal acceptable proof. In the latter case, the applicant should submit a copy of FIR and a certificate from provincial Excise and Taxation Department to the effect that the car has been rendered useless beyond repair.
xvii. Authorizations issued under the previous scheme i.e. purchase of cars on concessional custom duties shall not automatically qualify the disabled person under this scheme.
2. Interested persons may apply on the prescribed proforma available at the website of Ministry of Commerce ( to the Section Officer (Imports‐II), Ministry of Commerce, Room No. 315, Block‐A, Pak Secretariat, Islamabad (Phone No. 051‐9204641).

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  1. Guest6773
    Car can be available in custum office in Pakistan

  2. Guest6815
    what are the taxes?
  3. Guest9298
    which brand cars we can import for disabled persons.
  4. Guest8682
    where iz da form to submit it
  5. Guest7390
    All this is rubish no Govt and its related departments are serious for disable persons for import of duty free car. Cheif Justic of pakistan please take a serious action. because this is ainartistic jock with disable person
  6. Guest6574
    This is bullshit from zardrai's only relife for minsters they can import a car then they can use's not for can a disable person have 100000 Rs monthely income.s**t and shame........
  7. Guest1767
    is the facility of tax free cars for disabled still valid
  8. Guest9196
  9. Guest67
    i have disable daughter age of 6 year and i have to take her fezio thiropy daily alone my sister in law is in UK and she want to donate me a car which is automatic that helps me to drive much easyer because when i take her out i face to many problems i have manuial drive car so please tell me is there any way that she can send me duty free car.MY e.mail ID is and my cell number is 0092-300-9661366.
  10. Guest7656
    this scheme is only started for specific people of the PPP ministers ,mpa,mnas and their families. all members of the Federal Board of Disabled Persons have been appointed by choice who will declare disable to any one they would like and will be asked to do so. Same had happened in the previous PPP regime when ordiance was passed just for few days to import custom free cars. once they done their job ordiance was suspended before the public become aware of any such ordiance.

    Who can a disabbled person could earn moe than 20000 per month when on the other side minimum wages is just 7000.

    why new cars--this is because a poor perosn should not at all buy any cars.scheme launchers are well aware that they do nt need need 2nd hand cars and poors can not buy new cars.

    all bullshit and unable to understand.

    I am based in London and wanted to send a small car to one of my poor neighbour who is working as a teacher and salry is 15000 per month. He is very good and honest but unfortunately this scheme is not made for poor and middle class people. This schem is made for the bloody disables of ministers,mpas, mnas,stake holders,beurocrates. I pray to Allaha that these big  people who have such an ill and poor mind and heart get  disabble so that they do not need to use their family disabbled members.
  11. Guest76
  12. Guest3705
    my mother is disable and iwant to purchase a car for her my monthly income is more than 20000 per month whereas my mother monthly income is 6000 per month
  13. Guest867
    sir i m waheed from pakistan i m a disable man by both legs i want to purchase a car plz guide me the process
    ph 03334301773
  14. Guest3435
    me irfan ullah from dera ismail khan and i have a lot of disable friends.and we get a cars so plz guide us thanks
  15. Guest2134


            I m a disable person and  i want to import a car.please help me how i can import a it possible that i can  import a 2 or 3 years used car.please inform me,my cell number is 0322-7777444.

  16. Guest9142

    im a disabled person and a Govt Servent i.e. S.S.T (C.S) I.T Teacher. i want to import a car because im physically disabled mean my right leg is polio effected. how can i import it? pls help me.. my duty place is far away from my home so im feeling difficulty. so pls is there any1 who can help me in this matter. pls if have any solution tell me on 0321-7839835

  17. Guest2420

    im  disable my left leg palio effected so i have lot of porblem in drivivng and i want bye disable custom free car plz send me procger of non custom car

    fida hussain banglani


  18. Guest7377

    ok guys i think no one has 100% info about it. i know every thing about it how to go and what to do if you need any info regarding cars for disale ppl or tax or app forms then txt me on my uk num 00447769946692 and i will be more then happy to help my pakistani brothers.

  19. Guest3934

    ok guys i think no one has 100% info about it. i know every thing about it how to go and what to do if you need any info regarding cars for disale ppl or tax or app forms then txt me on my uk num 00447769946692 and i will be more then happy to help my pakistani brothers.

  20. Guest8980

    saeedulislam from  pakistan hip jiont  replaced and  want  to  purchase an  automatic  duty  free  car for  my  self. pl  help  and  guide  me  thank  u

  21. Guest2423


    my name is Tanveer  and iam disable person i want to car for speacial person tell me what can i do for  car

    tanveer2003pk@hotmail is my id and plz tell me  prososs how i get car

  22. Guest6112

     Disabled persons are allowed waiver of import duty which is in excess of 10% on Completely Knocked Down [CKD] kits that are imported for assembling of car for them. Restricting disabled persons to use locally assembled cars limits the choice to only a few makes. There have been persistent complaints of non-availability of customized vehicles in the local makes. Some time ago, the duty free import of customized cars by disabled persons was allowed. To facilitate disabled persons to actively participate in economic activities, the facility to import duty free customized cars, not above 1350cc of engine capacity is being allowed. To facilitate disabled persons further, it has been decided to allow the import of one used duty free motorized wheel chair to actual users.

  23. Guest6619

    i am jamshaid khayyal from karor lal e son district layyah. i am disabel. and a teacher in a school. plz help me for tax free car. 03006766892

  24. Guest5514

    i m disable parson i teach in primery school i want a tax free car for personal use plz help me because my left lag has cut for diseas of connect number 03006766892

  25. Guest6575

     I am Ghulzar Ali from distric thata Sindh Pak.

    i am disable and i want 1000 cc car but free of cost

    please advice me any NGO helping disable people in this matter.

  26. Guest5252

    i m disable person i m govt serv i want to purc a car tex free my no is 0315-8884130 pla help me.

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