HEC Pakistan Faculty Appointment Criteria for Engineering

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I want to join HEC in department of Engineering, can you tell me about the HEC faculty appointment criteria for Engineering department.

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    Eligibility Conditions for appointment of faculty in Engineering, Information Technology, and Computing disciplines in all Universities and Degree Awarding Institutions is Lecturer Master’s
    Degree/B.Sc(Engr.) (First Class) in the relevant field with no 3rd Division in the academic career from HEC
    recognized University/Institution. No Experience required
    Assistant Professor
    Master’s degree in relevant field till 2010. After 2010, 30% should be Ph.D’s, after 2012, 60% should be PhDs and by the end of 2015, 100% should be PhDs in the relevant field from an HEC recognized
    University/ Institution 2-years teaching/research experience in a recognized institution/university/college. 2-years professional experience in the relevant field in a national Or international organization.

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