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Can you tell me about the foreign scholarships offered by HEC. Please tell me about all foreign scholarships.

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  1. Guest917
    Foreign Scholarships offered by HEC are:
    HRD Initiative-Ms Leading to PhD Program of Faculty Development for UESTPs / UETs 2009-10
    1000 Scholarships for studies in General Comprehensive Medicine in Cuba
    Partial Support for PhD Studies Abroad
    Fulbright Scholarship Support Program (Masters / PhD Scholarships, USA)
    Overseas Scholarship Scheme For PhD In Selected Fields Phase-I
    PhD Scholarships for Engineering & Sciences in Germany
    HEC Scholarship for MS (Engineering) In South Korean Universities /Industry
    PhD Scholarship for study of Science, Engineering & Technology, Austria
    MS/M.Phil Leading to PhD Scholarships for Teacher of Weaker Universities
    International Research Support Initiative Program
    PhD Scholarship for Basic Sciences, China
    HEC Overseas Scholarships for MS/M.Phil leading to PhD for the Discipline Wise World Top Ranked Universities (10% Overseas Scholarships scheme)
    HEC Overseas scholarships for MS/M.Phil leading to PhD (90% Overseas Scholarship scheme)
    PhD Scholarships for Natural & Basic Sciences in France
    Overseas Scholarships for Masters in Engineering
    Commonwealth Scholarships for PhD, Split Site PhD and Post Doctoral Fellowships, Tenable in UK in 2011
    Development of High Level S&T Manpower through Split PhD Program

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