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I read one of HEC journals, can you tell me about all recognized jopurnals of HEC. Please tell me about this.

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  1. Guest1745
    Following are HEC recognized journals

    Ancient Pakistan
    Ancient Sindh

    Annal of PIMS Journal
    Archaeological Review


    Bulletin of Education & Research

    Central Asia


    Defence Journal

    Al Dirasat Al Islamiyyah (Arabic)

    Frontier Archaeology

    Geological Bulletin of the Punjab University
    Gomal University Journal of Research
    Hamdard Islamicus
    Infectious Diseases Journal (IDJ)
    International Journal of Agriculture Biology
    International Journal of Phycology & Phycochemisty
    IPRI Journal

    Iqbal Review – A Quarterly Journal

    Islamic Studies

    Journal of  Medical Sciences
    Journal of Agriculture Research
    Journal of Animal & Plant Sciences (j**s)

    Journal of Asian Civilizations

    Journal of Ayub Medical College (JAMC)
    Journal of Basic & Applied Sciences
    Journal of Behavioural Sciences(JBS)

    Journal of Chemical Society Pakistan

    Journal of Educational Research

    Journal of European Studies

    Journal of Gender & Social Issues
    Journal of Himalayan Earth Sciences (Formerly Geological Bulletin)
    Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences
    Journal of Independent Studies and Research-Management, Social Sciences and Economics (JISR-MSSE)
    Journal of Law and Society
    Journal of Mass Communication
    Journal of Pakistan Medical Association (JPMA)
    Journal of Political Studies

    Journal of Postgraduate Medical Institute
    Journal of Prime Research in Mathematics
    Journal of Quality & Technology Management

    Journal of Research (Languages & Islamic Studies)
    Journal of Research Architecture & Planning

    Journal of Rural Development and Administration (JORDA)
    Journal of Science & Technology
    Journal of Scientific Research
    Journal of Social Sciences
    Journal of Social Sciences & Humanities
    Journal of Social Sciences & Humanities
    Journal of Strategic Studies
    Journal of the College of Physician Surgeon of Pakistan (JCPSP)
    Journal of the Liaquat University of Medical & Health Sciences
    Journal of the Pakistan Historical Society (Historicus)
    Journal of the Research Society of Pakistan
    Kashmir Journal of Geology
    Kashmir Journal of Language Research

    Lahore Journal of Economics
    Lahore Museum Bulletin
    Margalla Papers
    Medical Channel Journal

    Mehran University Research Journal of Engineering & Technology
    MycoPath Journal
    NDU Journal
    NUML Research Magazine
    Oriental College Magazine (Majalla al-Kulliyah al-Sharqiyyah)
    Pakistan Archaeology
    Pakistan Armed Forces Medical Journal
    Pakistan Development Review(PDR)

    Pakistan Economic and Social Review

    Pakistan Entomologist
    Pakistan Horizon

    Pakistan Journal of  Nutrition

    Pakistan Journal of Agriculture Sciences

    Pakistan Journal of American Studies

    Pakistan Journal of Analytical & Environmental Chemistry
    Pakistan Journal of Applied Economics
    Pakistan Journal of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
    Pakistan Journal of Biotechnology
    Pakistan Journal of Botany
    Pakistan Journal of Clinical Psychology
    Pakistan Journal of Education

    Pakistan Journal of Engineering & Applied Sciences
    Pakistan Journal of History and Culture

    Pakistan Journal of Hydrocarbon Research
    Pakistan Journal of Life & Social Sciences
    Pakistan Journal of Marine Biology
    Pakistan Journal of Marine Sciences

    Pakistan Journal of Medical Research

    Pakistan Journal of Medical Sciences
    Pakistan Journal of Nematology

    Pakistan Journal of Pathology
    Pakistan Journal of Pharmaceuticals Sciences
    Pakistan Journal of Pharmacology

    Pakistan Journal of Phytopathology

    Pakistan Journal of Science

    Pakistan Journal of Scientific and Industrial Research
    Pakistan Journal of Seed Technology
    Pakistan Journal of Social And Clinical Psychology (PJSCP)
    Pakistan Journal of Social Sciences (PJSS) (Formerly: Journal of Research - Humanities)
    Pakistan Journal of Special Education

    Pakistan Journal of Statistics
    Pakistan Journal of Statistics & Operation Research (PJSOR)
    Pakistan Journal of Weed Sciences Research

    Pakistan Journal of Zoology

    Pakistan Library and Information Science Journal (Formerly: Pakistan Library Bulletin)
    Pakistan Oral and Dental Journal
    Pakistan Paediatric Journal
    Pakistan Perspective
    Pakistan Veterinary Journal

    Pakistan Vision

    Proceedings of the Pakistan Academy of Sciences
    Punjab University Journal of Mathematics

    Rawal Medical Journal

    Sarhad Journal of Agriculture
    Science International
    Science, Technology & Development

    Sindh University Research Journal
    Soil and Environment
    (Formerly: Pakistan Journal of Soil Science)
    South Asian Studies


    Tahqiq Nama
    Takhliqi Adab

    Technical Journal

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