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What are the different methods and techniques for hair straightening & perms? Also please provide me good relevant information regarding my query with a little bit detail.

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  1. Jennifer

     "Hair perms and straightening procedures have been popular since the start of the 20th century. The modern enduring straightening procedure or Japanese hair straightening procedure (thermal method) has been taking the hair care world by gale all over.

    Following are some of the chemical process of hair straightening.

    • Permanent hair straightening

    • Chemical hair straightening

    • Thermal hair straightening

    • Japanese hair straightening

    • Hair straightening irons

    Some good tips on hair straightening:

    A significant advice for those who have undergone hair straightening remedy is to use a gentle shampoo and powerful conditioner in order to keep tour hair well protected. You should avoid using any heat -styling devices so as to avert any impairment to the hair. Use good straightening items and broad -toothed comb for the hair after a straightening treatment. Apply a little silicone serum and enjoy the tresses bounce."

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