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I am in India and I want to buy some toys for my new born nephew and heard about Hamleys toys, that in Hamley store I can find variety of toys. Please tell me about the outlets of Hamley in India.

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    Hamleys is one of the world's largest toy shops. Its flagship shop is in Regent Street, London. Major shops worldwide are in Dublin, Dubai, Amman, Glasgow, Mumbai and Chennai. The flagship shop is advised one of London's foremost tourist enticements, and obtains about five million tourists a year. Unlike numerous businesses utilising possessive titles, Hamleys intentionally forgoes the use of an apostrophe in its name. Hamleys is entitled after William Hamley, who based a plaything shop called ""Noah's Ark"" at 231 High Holborn in London in 1760. In 1938, Queen Mary, consort of George V of the United Kingdom, provided Hamleys a Royal Warrant. During World War II, the Regent Street shop was bombed five times. In 1955 Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom gave the business a second Royal Warrant as a ""Toys and Sports Merchant"". Hamleys opened its first shop in Asia in Mumbai, India on the 8th of April, 2010. The shop is established in an up market buying locality in the country's economic capital Mumbai. Any other shop in Chennai was furthermore opened subsequent by Hamley, here is the entire address of two shops of Hamley in India.

    1. Hamley store Mumbai:

    ""Courtyard"", High Street Phoenix

    Phoenix Mills

    Compound, 462

    Senapati Bapat Marg

    Lower Parel


    Telephone : (0091) 2243473444

    2. Hamley store Chennai:

    S - 001 & S -101

    49 50L Whites Road



    Chennai - 600014

    Telephone : (0091) 4464515911

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