Harloc entry door lock. how to remove an old Harloc dood handle

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how to remove an old Harloc dood handle




  1. Guest2544
    Ali Abdullah - Thanks for this information.  I'm not Guest 11153960 - but I had the same problem.  Your info was what I needed to fix my harloc door know.

  2. Guest7960
    Ali - thank you VERY much for your instructions. I was getting ready to take a chainsaw to this lock (they should have called the company Harlot, not Harloc), but I was able to remove the blank thing thanks to you!
  3. Guest8522
    inside door handle mechanism when you try to open slips and will not open the latch.  The door is able to be opened using the outside handle.  The type of door is a "three point" latch system with dead bolt.
  4. Guest470
    I have a keyless harloc door k**b which I am trying to remove I can take off the inner k**b but the rest will not come off.  Any suggestions?
  5. Guest6392

    How do you remove a Harloc double sided dead bolt


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