Has Aamir’s toilet cleaning vow gone for a toss?

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Has Aamir’s toilet cleaning vow gone for a toss?

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  1. revathi
    More humiliation for Kate as a family night out turns sour.

    Prince William's girlfriend Kate Middleton is again suffering public humiliation and fearing for her future as a royal, following a raucous night out with her family.

    What began as a celebration of her brother James' 22nd birthday turned into a shameful drunken spectacle outside a posh London nightclub. Onlookers described the birthday boy as "absolutely legless" as his father Michael and sister Pippa, 26, struggled to bundle him into a taxi shortly after midnight — only 90 minutes after they'd arrived.

    An embarrassed Kate, 27, made no effort to help her brother. Her cheeks flushed and eyes bleary, she tried to cover her face and avoid the scene at the members-only club that's a haunt for young royals.

    Her image-savvy mother Carole tried to stop snappers capturing the ruckus, fearing a royal backlash that could shatter her dreams of her daughter marrying William. Kate has already been dubbed "Waity Katie" because she's been dating Wills for seven years with no hint of an engagement.

    Reacting like a cornered lioness defending her cubs, Carole reportedly chased away one photographer, who'd spotted Michael apparently trying to urinate on a fence. Michael's girlfriend also tried to shield him from sight.

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