Has James Martin split from Julia Dempster?

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Has James Martin split from Julia Dempster?

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  1. Guest9904
    Who cares. If he has I am sure he just wants to be left alone not quized and harrassed!!

  2. Guest2108
    No, he's still with her. Spent X-mas and NY together.
  3. Guest8724
    Unfortunately you are all wrong.  James has split from Julia, but they are still friends as James is opening a Restaurant in Dubai later this year.
  4. Guest3126
    Either that or he`s just using her to get his business in Dubai set up. He`s a very clever business man and would probably do anything to get what he wants including leading some poor woman on just to get a Restaurant established in Dubai. Give it a few more months and he`ll be linked with another blonde with no sense
  5. Guest7475
    Oh, so glad we cleared that one up! So the answer is........nobody knows!! Lol!!
  6. Guest2221
    Oops, Guest15456354, wouldn't call a successful business woman like J.Dempster "a blonde with no sense"!
  7. Guest38
    Business woman or not, she`s still a blonde who has no sense if she thinks he will be faithfull to her
  8. Guest8100
    Woah...that sounds distinctly like a post from a woman scorned!
  9. Guest5276
    Do we care?
  10. Guest6883
    No he is most definitely still with her, they went to Paris for Valentines Day. I wouldn't have thought he was intelligent enough to use someone to set up a restaurant. He has been seeing her for 16 months, surely he wouldn't have gone out with her for that long just for a restaurant? Why would he cheat on her, he hasn't cheated on any of his other girlfriends....
  11. Guest6890
    Hhhmmmm, that last comment sounds like someone who has inside information.... or so they think.  James never discolses information about where he takes any of his girlfriends, so unless you are Julia or you know them both personally, Id like to know where you got that crock of *^$! from.

    And as for the last comment about why would he cheat on her ???  Women throw themselves at James every day.... beautiful, stunning YOUNG women.  Successful busines like Julia help promote his career, and lets not forget she`s nearly 40.  James has certain needs and she lives too far away to keep him happy in that department.

    Oh and do you know all of his old girlfriends  too ?
  12. Guest6513
    Id have to agree with that last blast of comments. James Martin does seem to keep info on his lady friends pretty quiet,  which would def suggest he wants to keep them quiet. I reckon by keepin quiet not only does it keep him out of the press, but also keeps all his girlfriends quiet and unable to dish the dirt.  Dont think James will ever be front page of newspaper like recent allegations, so by keepin quiet keeps the women quiet too.  Makes Sense
  13. Guest9139
    I heard he cheated on that Miss World Model girlfriend Sally Kettle ?  Come to think of it, if him and Julia have been together for 16 months then that means James was 2 timing Sally. He released a book in December 2008 and it was full of photos of him and Sally, and quotes about how much in love they were.  So if James and Julia are still together then she`d need to be prepared to get a taste of her own medicine.
  14. Guest3775
    He and Sally split in the September and he met Julia a month later, so he did not two time either of them. The book was released at the end of the year but had taken a year to write. I do know both of them very well so it is not a crock of s**t. How do you know what James needs are? It is not likely that you will get the chance to sleep with him is it really.... In your dreams, you are just jealous.
  15. Guest2742
    Hey, no idea what you`re all getting so upset about but I know someone that slept with James M,  aparently last summer when he was on some cruise ship or boat somewhere.  So she says anyway  =)
  16. Guest8974
    To the person who says they know them well, I am sure that being a private person who clearly keeps his personal life to himself, James really appreciates you plastering the internet with details of when he split and met who and where he spent valentines day!Forgive me but I feel we are making this TV Chef out to be some kind of lothario rock star! When in reality I reckon he works his a*s off, has a life lead by his schedule and I doubt some days has the energy at the end of it to entertain himself let alone a string of s*x charged women! And lets be honest, if he is 'putting it around' he is only donig what thousands of men and women do everyday, he just happens to be on tele every Saturday. As for Julia, IMO she looks lovely! even if she does live 8 hours away and is the worse end of 30's! But if I look like that at nearly 40 I won't complain. And who knows what she is doing all the way over in Dubai as well, it is not all 1 sided, she has 'needs' as well.
  17. Guest4146
    Yeh and if you do "know both of them very well" then why the h**l are you on websites looking up info about them both ?  Seems to me that you are the only jealous one here
  18. Guest3491
    The rate this site is going, she will be the one leaving him if she claps eyes on it! Doesn't paint the prettiest of pictures of the guy really does it.
  19. Guest166
    Oh Come on !!  She`s probably the one who`s been writing half the stuff on this site just to try and make their relationship public !!    (If they`re still together that is)
  20. Guest4062
    By all accounts on her, he is moving her in?
  21. Guest4755
    She is currently looking for property in the UK.
    She is staying with James until she finds a new home.
  22. Guest9995
    I can confirm that James & Julia are engaged. I know her family & an impending wedding is on the horizon................
  23. Guest4729
    True friends would know to keep their counsel.

    True friends would know when enough is enough.

    True friends would not embarass their friends like this.

    True friends woud not feel the need to do sensationalist type exposes.

    True friends would allow them to speak in their own good time.
  24. Guest3971
    Yeah right they are engaged! I think not some how. And if it is true, what a great friend you are, i am sure they really value friend like you who stick details like that on the web!
  25. Guest6845
    I have to say, I find all the secrect squirel a bit weird. He is not one for self publicity, but he has never before been so hush hush about a 'Mrs' has he? usually quite forth coming in the odd comment or two, but he has never even so much as mentioned her? Surely if she was the love of his life and the one who had finally 'tamed' the life long batchelor, then he might have mentioned her somewhere along the line? even in a reference in his sunday paper thing?? Surely when you love someone enough to propose you actuqlly want to tell the world how much you love them? Surely if this were true, James would want to manage the PR not let it 'slip out' - Doesn't stack up I am afraid. - good comment for stiring gossip but doesnt ring true for me.
  26. Guest6681
    Julia has finished with James - Personal reasons which they dont want to make public.  Its a shame as they are a lovely couple.
  27. Guest7966
    On her Facebook and her Friends reuion  accounts she says she's in a relationship. How little does she know!
  28. Guest6578
    Julia has finished with James and I think the reasons why should remain private.
  29. Guest9488
    Please, How do you know that if it is all so private?
  30. Guest3992
    WIth friends like you who needs enemies?

    If its so private why are you so keen to let everyone know? What gain do you get out of it. A chufty badge for being the one in the know?

    If its private use your common sense and keep it so don't come on coyly on sites like this making out that you know something everyone doesn't. It doesn't show you in a good light!

    PRIVATE means PRIVATE its not for you to tell its up to them should they choose to!
  31. Guest3081
    You are all wrong.  They finished a long time ago so its a shame you are all so slow on the uptake.  James has another girlfriend so why dont you start wasting a bit more time spreading rumours about her instead
  32. Guest9002
    Why is so many people interested in this?  They have finished - so what?! people split up all the time.  Just because he is a TV Chef.  Move on - he has and so has she
  33. Guest1049
    So she buys a house over in the UK and James dumps her.
    And you seem all so shocked ???
  34. Guest836
    So what happened with this so called "Engagement" then ??    Seems like Julia was living on cloud cuckoo
  35. Guest6102
    who really knows ...but you know whatif he is happy and who ever else is happy so be it too short and anyway its nobody elses buisness x
  36. Guest8833
    Maybe just maybe he is happiest when he is single! He loves his cars they are his all. Maybe he doesn't want to be tied down. Maybe there isnt't a woman on earth that could compete! Women may think they can take him on and settle him down but they fall by the wayside. It would take a strong woman to take him on aside from his love of cars and his work ethic - she once linked with him seemingly gets to be scrutinised in depth on sites like these. Some of the things that get written about him and his partners are pretty hard to swallow I would imagine. Can't be easy for any ladies in tow. Even if he tries to find a normal settled relationship the inquisitive nature of folks probably contributes to cocking it up for him anyway.

    Maybe we should accept that some folks just aren't made to settle down and are happy as they are in their lifestyle and just let them be. Or let them be either way not go on relentlessly about their partners.
  37. Guest4015
    If you are not interested in this subject why are you even looking at this site?
  38. Guest4285
    So why has Julia just released a press shoot in "Ahlan Live"  saying that her and James are currently renovating their home in hampshire together ?
    Has she moved in and this is all a big scam to cover it up ?
  39. Guest8173
    "Maybe" because she is a bit sad. Maybe because she wishes she was still dating him.  Maybe because she wants to upset his new girlfriend.
  40. Guest437

    The Chef James Martin has a new girlfriend who`s name is Jessica.  She is a TV Producer, working for the BBC.  The couple met whilst filming Saturday Kitchen.  Jessica is 24 years old, and lives in Salisbury. Jessica and James have been keeping their intimate relationship away from the public eye, due to his recent break up from Ms Dempster, which ended suddenly when Chef James met Jessica.   Jessica and James will be announcing their engagement at Christmas.  Congratulations to the happy couple.

  41. Guest9718

    He didn't come across as the marrying type in his article in MOS last Sunday? And on the One Show a few weeks back Chris Evans said in front of him that he was single? Seems odd?? I think he is just happy on his own. I am sure he has many friends and a very busy schedule, to be honest I cant see he has time for a full on relationship? And All seems a bit quick doesnt it? Supposedly engaged to Julia then split then engaged to an until now secret lady?? Dont think so somehow. I am sure if he wanted us to know then we would all know

  42. Guest3233

    If James is now single,  why has Julia Dempster posted a story on her Facebook page just today,  with photos from Andrew Martins Interior Design book, saying that her favourite chef is her partner James Martin  ?      

  43. Guest277

    Julia has just bought the principal wing of Devizes Castle in Wiltshire for her and her 4 y o. Apparently she wants to buy the other wing as if she hasn't enough room with a 10 bed castle wing! She says in our local rag she hasn't found her Prince yet. More money than sense.

  44. Guest4577

    "there you go"

  45. Guest9036

    Just goes to show that she wasnt good enough for James, even if she has got some money to waste on part of a castle.    Somehow I dont think her Prince will be arriving there anytime soon 

  46. Guest3316

    Never met the woman dont know what she is like but that isnt a very nice thing to say about her really is it? That she isnt good enough for James. He might be a right bar steward if you got to know him not just the public persona we all know and love. Just a thought to even things up a bit


    Nope I have got my own feelings about her from what I have seen and read but nope I dont think that is a very nice thing to say on a public website sorry imho a tad harsh!



  47. Guest1013

    Its not a case of not being nice about her.   She might be good enough for someone else, but just not for him.

  48. Guest537

    Well he was with one woman at Goodwood in September, Another on New Years day and a further at premiere of Cirque du soliele last week...........Dont think he is with Julia anymore, more sewing his oats!! Enjoy James! Good on yah!

  49. Guest9813

    James is dating a girl called Louise Davies. They started dating at New year and already it has spread like wildfire!! So much for keeping private private!! Also some interesting pics of her around?? Quite suprised but hey, if she makes him happy what the h**l. Could well ruin it for if not carefull though as all over Twitter like a rash and I was always under the impression he liked his private life just that?? Time will tell.....


    He was also at Goodwood in September with a totally different woman again


    Sewing his oats me thinks.

  50. Guest6441

    Actually, I think you`ll find that this is James`s new girlfriend

    Unlucky Louise

  51. Guest4182

    Oh sorry my mistake,  maybe it`s this one...

  52. Guest9511

    That is Louise

  53. Guest7534

    Ha Ha , he really has you fooled !   She is not his girlfriend. 

  54. Guest5723

    He has a new girlfriend no big deal.  Be happy for him and Louise

  55. Guest9415

    Top man !chef James Martin nice catch with Louise, hope it works out for you mate. why do people talk about past women he is with someone else and she is HOT. Feed her up mate!

  56. Guest3384
    James you need to be carefull.  Louise is clearly a slapper who thinks only of herself.  She has already spread her story all over twitter.  Nobody likes her.  She is doing your career no favours.   Yoiu might well think she can set you up in another tv job but your fans think she looks like a botoxed plastic nose job and her eyes are too close together.  Julia must be devastated as you were with her for all that time with not even so much as a mention in any interview.  We all hought you only dated ladies but here you are being phhotographed with a cheap tart even if she is a tv producer.  Surely you have a bit more class than dating a slapper that spreads your personal life all over twitter and facebook ?    Don't believe her lies, she is not honest.   Listen to your fans. !!!!
  57. Guest7886
    Get rid of her !   What an ugly weirdo. !!
  58. Guest988

    For goodness sake folks get a bloody grip! Call yourselves fans? I havent been on his site in a week but reading between the lines I understand there has been goings on over there too! James is 38 he isnt 16 and needing to be molly coddled he is old enough to decide for himself who he dates. Ok she may not be who we would choose for him but he has made his decision himself. Unless I am reading the wrong twitter feed she hasnt even mentioned him by name and has cleared off any racy pix (that predated them hooking up anyway) He must be mortified to think that someone he is involved with/friendly with whatever stage their relationship is at has been subjected to such outbursts just because they have hooked up together! He is probably stunned by such outbursts!


    For goodness sake control yourselves what do we expect him to never date again - say if this one falls through he would be terrified of asking anyone out again if he thought this was the kind of response he would get! You may only shoot yourselves in the foot by leading off at him telling off as he may think sod you I will carry on and prove you wrong/shant be bullied etc. As for any shenanigans on his site all sir will end up doing is closing down the forum and you lose the facility. Bit of decorum folks eh!


    Remind yourselves he is 38 a grown man been around long enough and capable of free thought/forming his own opinions and relationships


    jg x

  59. Guest3968
    Bit of advice for you louise... Log out of twitter when your posting on this site as we can see that its you on line.   Nice try but you don't fool us martinis.   You are a cheap plastic red lipped bleached dog.  Do us all a favour and go find your true love...... Shrek
  60. Guest1076
    James martin louise davies.  What a joke.   Louise nust be the ugliest woman james has ever dated. Louise looks like he has been hit in the face with a spade !!!   She has definitely had a major nose job.  Ugly or what ???    James, get yourself a proper lady,  not some fugly trollop like louise.Louise Davies is the ugliest women on earth
  61. Guest1203
    How long has he been dating this girl as I know he has definetely been seeing someone else ?
  62. Guest7913

    Looks like James has finally revealled his true colours by settling for someone on his own level.

    Thought you had a bit more class mate but looks like a dirty hooker is what you really prefer to be seen in public with. 

    Thought you were supposed to be 38 not some s*x craved adolescent with a fantasy for boob implants

    You must be very proud

  63. Guest4466

    what harsh messages, some people are very jealous. being in my 40s i bet its friends of your ex or some jealous guy that louise dropped. James you new girlfriend is stunning and im a big fan of you and a very big fan of saturday kitchen and I wish Louise and yourself all the happiness together. 

  64. Guest7539

    Louise Davies does not post any comments on facebook and twitter about her personal life or about James. Someone is very jealous, bitter and hurtful to post such disgusting low comments on here. Leave them alone. Those type of comments are very hurtful and untrue.

  65. Guest4351

    Louise has deleted lots of photos and comments off her Twitter account in the last few hours, so I would say that was the bahaviour of a very guilty, very stupid woman.

    They have been dating a few weeks, nothing more.  All the comments about her being cheap and plastering gossip is hardly the best indication of a good start to a relationship is it.

    Have you ever seen such harsh comments written about any of his former girlfriends at the beginning of those relationships ??   No

    Fans of James know him and know that this woman is nothing but a celebrity wanna be, clinging onto the opportunity of fame.  Well enjoy it while it last Louise, because if James has any sense he will listen to the comments and will come to realise that you were probably one of the biggest mistakes he has ever made.

    Hurry up James and Dump her back in the trash can where she belongs



  66. Guest8615

    Louise has done the right thing in protecting her account, nothing to do with being stupid or guilty, very sensible if you ask me. Someone is very bitter about Louise and all abusive comments have been reported. How dare someone make up harsh lies.  A successful hard working girl who works in the TV industry.  There are always bitter low people in this world to make such vile comments. 

  67. Guest796

    wow all going from bad to worse! I still havent been onto his site but apparently its bad over there* and now LD has protected her tweets.


    She must feel like her life is "imploding" this all smacks of some sort of modern day bloody witch hunt or lynch mob - FFS get a grip folks this is 2011 not the dark ages.


    *am sure curiousity will get better of me in a mo though i will probably ending up fighting!

  68. Guest4176

    wow all going from bad to worse! I still havent been onto his site but apparently its bad over there* and now LD has protected her tweets.


    She must feel like her life is "imploding" this all smacks of some sort of modern day bloody witch hunt or lynch mob - FFS get a grip folks this is 2011 not the dark ages.


    *am sure curiousity will get better of me in a mo though i will probably ending up fighting!

  69. Guest6324

    Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah    Are you still talking Louise ?   

    Probably best to utilse your time more wisely by planning just how you`re going to explain yourself to James

  70. Guest9385

    Further thoughts on the issue!


    I hope James is aware of this thread and makes steps to get it removed - previous threads have been in past. He is a big boy and over the years had his fair share of mud slung at him and deflects it in his own fashion - takes it on the chin to a degree. But it is quite a different matter when family and friends are subjected to such things and it would be probably wise of him now to step in and close down the comments section until suitable alternative site security arrangements can be implented.


    Time to look after those around you love and pull the plug methinks

  71. Guest8478

    If thats how you feel then stop coming onto these sites to stick up for someone that thinks the entire universe revolves around her

    The only person she loves is herself


  72. Guest3744

    jeeeeeeee sus  people leave James and Louise alone!!!!! would you like someone telling lies about you. NO!!!! a nice enough guy who has met a nice looking girl.  some people have got issues going on in their lives, respect them as well as their friends and family.  James you havent worked out with other women FACT! poeple need to get a grip. time for a change. rise above sad people  JEALOUS about you meeting someone new. dont know how celebrities do it people break up they get c**p people get together and they get c**p. sort out your own issues

  73. Guest148

     Bloody h**l guys, why so bitter and nasty?? Have you got nothing better to do with your time?

    James is with a gorgeous girl who is kind, down to earth, caring and one of the loveliest people I know. We know who is leaving these disgusting lies on here and they have been reported. Louise and James are really happy and a lovely couple, why can't you just leave them alone?

  74. Guest9426

    I can not believe the audacity of some people. GET A LIFE. Louise is an amzing person who cares a great deal about those around her. Both her and James are happy and I wish them a life time of love, luick and happiness. To those that are sad enough to leave such nasty comments, remember what goes around comes around and i hope that one day you are all subject to such harrassment. Utterly disgusted at the slanderous things that have been said. Just let them get on with their lives!

  75. Guest7193

    "There you go",+spent+a+few+days+there,+dinner+%26+bubbles+night+in&cd=1&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=uk

  76. Guest4559

    feel for people that are in the public eye as the physco wierdo's come out writing abuse and repulsive shite.  louise it seems like you got a stalker or two, or as it happened to me once, maybe an ex off james or some girl has been hurt by him and she's trying to ruin it for you. hope it has not upset you, rise above it. ive had shite like this done to me just because i got with someone in the public eye and no matter how gorgeous and caring you are and have done no wrong there are evil people out there who will make harsh untrue comments and it made us stronger than ever and are so happy.   i bet these people are ugly and lonely and have nothing going on in their own life. and i believe in what goes around comes around!!! they will get bad luck come their way now.  im  not meaning this in a bad way but you are one striking stunning woman and lets be honest, james isnt much of a catch really and to me he is very lucky to have a girl like you on his arm!!!!!!! james your lovely though and love your show. Sites like this need to be shut down as people dont realise how hurtful comments can be and can ruin people's lives, why hurt someone, sick people.  Sarah x

  77. Guest8792

    very classy


  78. Guest8379

    I am really sad reading some of these comments.  I happen to know Louise personally.  She is one of the kindest, most caring people I know, I feel hurt that some people out there can be so nasty to her.  I am sure a lot of these comments come to down to jealousy, and not having anything better to do with their time.  I wish Louise and James all the best - they are great for each other.

  79. Guest3533

     Um...sorry but what has that photo got to do with anything? Why does that mean she's not classy? She worked on Big Brother, she wasn't just hanging around to get photos with people. Seriously, get a life and stop trying to upset her coz it really won't work - she's much stronger than that.

  80. Guest7273

    Ohhhh nasty nasty people. Seriously I would suggest going out a bit more. She looks very pretty to me and I am sure she is a nice person so seriously get over yourselves and find your own relationship to judge.

  81. Guest8132

    SO I assume the answer to the actual question here is no he is not still dating Julia! Glad we cleared that up!!

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