Has the World Cup 2011 proved to be most successful so far?

by Guest7117  |  12 years, 7 month(s) ago

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With so many close matches in ICC World Cup 2011, will it prove to be the best ever world cup played in the cricket history?

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  1. Guest3694

    The ICC Cricket World Cup seemed to be a one-sided event on the previous two occasions back in year 2003 and 2007. Its just not that it was Australia that kept on winning but there was no team who seemed to have given the kangaroos a good enough fight. Besides, with the subcontinent teams (Pakistan and India) getting out of the 2007 world cup in the first round, it was all colourless, thus making Australia win much more easier. On the other hand, being full of unexpected results ever in Cricket World Cup history, the ICC World Cup 2011 has certainly proved to be the best so far.

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