Having full lips can kill you

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Having full lips can kill you

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  1. Guest102488
    Pumping (pumping in Spanish) is a quick way to have a Baratay fuller lips. However, it is an option that can jeopardize your life, the effects can be from infection to permanete disfigurement.

    What is it?

    Silicone is a shot in the lip, and is literally a bomb press fabrics to make them look fuller. It has become a common choice among women who choose cosmetic procedures, but do not have money to go to a surgeon.

    The promoters of this procedure are not surgeons, they are probably people who are engaged in cosmetology, no medical studies. Injected women, or those who wish, silicone, often mixed with substances such as baby oil.

    There have been recent deaths due to this procedure, while some other people who tried it develop infections, although in most cases the top nothing serious happens. Some of the symptoms that have time after the injection are mild discomfort, hardening of the area and extreme pain.

    This is a good reason to be wary of any deal when it comes to injections, nothing better than attending a certified surgeon.

    If you want to know about lip care, we leave a note on how to make them look s**y.

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