Having trouble with Miele cva 4070 coffee systems, f73 code and can't remove remove brew unit .

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We herd snapping noise when coffee started to come out but it never did,coffee machine ran for a short time longer the shut off with F 73 code, now we can't remove brew unit even after turning the release handle up in the release position? Maybe out of time? The coffee water went into the waste bin. The coffee maker is only a little over a year old.
Thanks Chuck

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  1. Guest8680
    In order to reset the brew unit drive so you can get the brew unit out, turn the coffee machine off. Then press <clear>, holding it down, press <on/off> then let go of both immediately. Then press <clear> 3 times. On the 3rd time, hold <clear> until the Service Menu appears. Then go into <brew unit> and press the left arrow button to turn the digital display from <off> to <on>. Now press the right arrow button next to <select> . You'll hear the brew unit drive turn. This reset it and now you should be able to pull out your unit or put it back in - whichever the problem is.

  2. Guest6802
    Did not work, still can you remove the brew unit. Any thoughts?
  3. Guest7760
    I have the same problem but with the CVA 4060. But managed to remove the brew unit. Now still need to reset brew unit to put it back. Does anyone know how to access the service menu on the CVA 4060? I tried the solution for the 4070 to no avail... thanks!
  4. Guest6991

    thanks so much Guest 19135136. you are so good and so helpfull. thanks again ^^

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