He's giving me mixed signals, please help!

by Ashley003  |  11 years, 9 month(s) ago

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So there's a guy I like, we're friends for 3 years now. At first we were so close, we were talking everyday for hours without getting bored, we were having so much fun. Although we're still close, but we don't talk much like before, and I'm always the one who starts the conversation! sometimes I feel I might be bothering him :/ I told him he'd changed he said he's like that with everyone. Sometimes he ignores me like he doesn't know me at all! one day he walked past me looking directly into my eyes without saying hi or anything! and one other day we were standing together (talking), I was looking at the floor and there was a strange guy standing in front of us staring at me, he got angry and said "what are you looking at?" like he was jealous or something, I said to myself maybe he does those stuff around all his female friends, but he always stares at me ,well it may be weird but no other boy looks at me that way, I mean I can see love in his eyes! we were talking about marriage once, he said "if I ask you to marry me, would you say yes?" he sometimes talk about those stuff and then say he was joking, well, I do the same.. By the way he's one year younger than me :( (technically 7 months) but does it matter? I've never thought I'd like someone younger than me and specially him, but I did! so I really need help in this! Could it be the only reason he doesn't want us to get together?

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