Help! I'm a single girl that is desperate!!!

by Guest3026  |  12 years, 7 month(s) ago

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I'mm 11 and soooooooooooo desperate!!! If you live around DE pwes put ur name and #!!! thx my # is 302-824-2560!!! oh and p.s. my name is Emma!!!

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  1. Guest6995
    your 11? why are you desperate?
    im 17. and ive only had one boyfreind. i met him when i was in the 7th grade. we both secretly like eachother but the truth never came up until i was a freshman in high school. he became my first real boyfriend and he still is and im going to be a senior.
    basicaly my advice to you is, ive been through this before. you dont need to be desperate. your young. 11 is a beautiful age where your learning to grow up and becomeing your real you. im sure your really pretty, so dont be desperate. if i were you, just wait awhile. look for a guy that really loves you and wont hurt you no matter what. if hes a player then hes just not worth it. go to school, be your self.... dont worry about love or relationships, that will come unexpectedly. for now just be your self and give it all you got in school, guys like smart girls even if they wont admit it at first :)

  2. Guest8077
    You're eleven! It's fine! Don't be desperate most boys r players! U will find ur one and only :) I did
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