Help needed for writing a sample sponsorhsip letter.

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I need to write a letter applying for a sponsorship. i need a strong marketing plan. can anyone help me with that?

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  1. toshiewoo
    Sponsorship money has changed in many ways; today besides increasing the brand and good will it must have some tangible benefits to the sponsor. They must see it as an opportunity and you must deal with multiple companies to increase your chance and in some cases create a competitive bidding process. If the sponsor is interested and so are their competitors; you got yourself a bidding war and you must be ready to make sure you can take the full advantage of the situation. You must define the USP of your proposal fast, start with a strong headline, the first paragraph must also be very strong and the benefits for the potential sponsor must be laid out in simple terms.

  2. toshiewoo
    Sponsorship money has changed in many ways; today beside
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