Hey wil the human race realy die out next year?

by Guest6935  |  12 years, 7 month(s) ago

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i know the mian calend end and all but will the world really end?

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  1. Guest2290

     The ultimate power which is the only eligible Entity of the entire universe to which human are know to and to those worlds which are never opened to humans The ALMIGHTY. 

    ALMIGHTY has got all the power and no one stand any chance against him. When ever a tsunami is struck man is totally helpless against the mother nature. When ever there is any sort of earthquake man is helpless. So the powers with nature are far too much stronger than the strongest atom boom so far made by humans. 

    but Almighty has kept few things as secret and these secrets are never told but hint to these secrets are given in all religion and according to those i don't think so that world is going to end next year. 

    and if we start thinking beyond this then there are many things which are making the race of humans in-danger. These factors are the "War against terrorism" by america which is creating hatred all around the world specially in the hearts of Muslims.

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