Hi, I just bought the TDK Trans-it 4GB flash drive to plug into a Bush 7in digital photo frame (PF-A

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I believe the photo's are stored in the 'public' area of the drive, although I had to access them through the password when I plugged the drive into my computer again.

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  1. Guest1041
    Not an answer - above question didn't display properly, so here's the rest. I followed the instructions, created a password for the drive and transferred pictures to it from my computer but, when I plugged the drive into the Bush digital photo frame, the message "No displayable files" came up on the top right hand side of the frame. The blue light on the drive flashed but nothing displayed on the photo frame. I was able to access my pictures on the computer when I plugged in the drive and entered the password but nothing will display on the Photo frame after several attempts. Is there a way to solve this problem, or will I have to buy another USB or memory card?? If so, which type would you recommend?  Thanks.

  2. Guest8572

    Hi I haven't an answer for you but i have the same problem with a busbi mini usb flash drive.  My sd card from my camera works in the photo frame but i didn't want to display all those photos which is why i bought a usb so i could display the ones i wanted to.  I also chose this usb as a review of it had said they used it for their digital photo frame. I was wondering if you had sorted the problem out and if you have how you did it. many thanks.




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