Hi , I would like to adopt a newborn mixed race baby girl withouth an agency can someone help me?

by Mauriah Jones  |  10 years, 8 month(s) ago

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Hi, my name is Mauriah Jones. I am Looking to adopt a Beautiful newborn baby girl. I am mixed race and that is why im looking for a mixed race baby. I am single but i work with babys everyday so one of my own would be an amazing joy in my life. I would prefer a girl but a boy would be great too. It really doesn't matter to me. I would love to help someone who wants a open adoption or closed fine by me i actually wouldn't mind you visiting once or twice a year or holidays and birthdays. I would just love to adopt within the next month or so ,so i hope to hear from you soon. t
Thank you and have a great day. Oh! you can contact me at my email which is : or my cell# (301) 537-1442

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  1. Victor Strong

     Hi Mauriah, I can't speak to the actual legalities (or lack thereof) involved in adopting a child without an agency in Maryland, U.S. however this site features quite a few people who are looking to adopt and/or put children up for adoption. Try searching keywords like adoption and adopt. Good luck to you!

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