Hi. I need to know how to fix my Nikon CoolPix s203!!

by Guest5396  |  10 years, 10 month(s) ago

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Everytime i take a picture, and i press the little green arrow to review it, everthing on the screen goes black. Yes the camera is still on. It just won't let me review my previously tooken photo. So i have to turn the camera off then on again JUST to see the photo. Can someone help me with this situation? Thanks. I appreciate it(:

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  1. Guest9297

    If you have an issue regarding your Nikon CoolPix s203 than you must visit the company's service center near you so that they provide you an assistance properly regarding your problem and will help you to resolve this issue in a proper way.

  2. Guest5846

    I think you should go to the service center for help. And remember don't fix it yourself. I fix mine once and make it even worse. Or you should think of buying another camera

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