History of Heavy Industries Taxila

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We are searching about the history of Heavy Industries Taxila. If someone have any information about history of Heavy Industries Taxila please share it.

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    Heavy Industries Taxila HIT is the strength of Pakistan's engineering industry for the Pakistan Forces,
    The growth of T-59 tanks manufactured by China Pakistan's Army realized the need of a facility to maintain and rebuild tanks. As a result the Heavy Rebuild Foundry Project (P-711) was conceived with Chinese assistance and technology. In the late seventies the Heavy Rebuild Factory (HRF) was established in Taxila to undertake rebuild and modernization of tanks. The capabilities of HRF significantly increased with the growing experience acquired in enhancing firepower, mobility and protection. As a result the facility gradually became a multi-factory environment and in September 1992 was renamed into Heavy Industries Taxila (HIT).

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