History of Taxila museum

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What is the history of Taxila Museum, when it was constructed and who built it. If someone have any information about this please share it.

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  1. Guest61
    Construction of Taxila museum collection commenced in 1918, its groundwork boulder arranged by Lord Chemsford, vicery of India in 1918. Construction was deduced in 1928 and the museum collection was opened for public by Sir Habibullah then the ministry for Education. Sir John Marshall who was going to be withdrew from the send of Director General of Archaeological study of India in 1928, could not whole its primary plan. The government of Pakistan built the north gallery in 1998. There are 4000 item shown clearly, embracing boulder, stucco, terracotta, bright, gold, steel and semiprecious stones. Mainly the show clearly contains of item from the interval 600 B.C to 500 AD. Buddhist, hindu and Jain cults are well exemplified through these item divulged from three aged habitation and more than two dozen buddhist stupas and monasteries and Greek temples.

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